There might be problems in the water quality in the Jyväskylä Kuokkala area water supply network and, as a result, tap water used for drinking and food must be boiled in the following area until further notice: Suuruspääntie, Peltoniementie, Siltakatu, Tykkikalliontie, Patteritie and part of Survontie.

The map of the area where water is recommended to be boiled is available here: 

The recommendation to boil water has been issued due to a pipeline break occurred on Friday 22nd of June. The boil water recommendation has been issued by Jyväskylän Energia as the water supply service. The recommendation was issued at 11 am June 23rd 2018 as a precautionary safety measure.

The following instructions must be followed when using tap water:

•                          Unboiled tap water must not be consumed: all water used for cooking or drinking must be boiled. This also applies to rinsing foodstuffs, such as lettuce.
•                          A quick simmer is not enough: water must be boiled for 5–10 minutes.
•                          However, unboiled water can still be used, for example, for shower, the laundry or for washing, if its colour and smell are normal.

The boil water recommendation is valid until further notice. Jyväskylän Energia will notify of its ending. Information is given on the websites of the City of Jyväskylä and Jyväskylän Energia on and Jyväskylän Energia will also inform the local media of its ending.

Further information from Jyväskylän Energia:

Jyväskylän Energia Command Center tel. 014 366 4040
Water networks manager Atte Pakkanen tel. 050 300 3916