The recommendation to boil tap water was issued June 23rd 2018 concerning Jyväskylä Kuokkala area: Suuruspääntie, Peltoniementie, Siltakatu, Tykkikalliontie, Patteritie and part of Survontie as a precautionary safety measure. Recommendation is cancelled today June 25th 2018 by Jyväskylän Energia. Microbiological test results were clean.

It is recommended to let the water run from the taps for a little while, after which the water can be used as usual if it looks, smells and tastes normal. Water with an unusual colour, smell or flavour must not be used as household water.

We apologise for the inconvenience.


Further information from Jyväskylän Energia:

Jyväskylän Energia Command Center tel. 014 366 4040
Water networks manager Atte Pakkanen tel. 050 300 3916